Project Description

Glitter Foundation Grant Helps Children in Crisis – Cope through  Art Therapy Program

One of The Glitter Foundation’s first grant awards proved to be a win for both the newly established charity and children admitted to the David Lawrence Center’s Crisis Stabilization Unit.

With the $2,600 grant, the not-for-profit mental health and substance abuse treatment facility serving children, adults and families was able to launch a new holistic initiative using art therapy to help children in crisis improve their ability to communicate in healthy ways, increase self-expression, provide and reinforce emotional regulation skills and increase their sense of well-being while on the unit.

The program was held twice a month in the inpatient mental health unit where children experiencing a psychiatric crisis receive brief voluntary and involuntary evaluation and treatment. Groups were conducted by an independent registered art therapist and mental health counselor and services were provided as a complementary service designed to enhance their treatment experience.

Amanda Jaron, founder of The Glitter Foundation and a longtime supporter of the David Lawrence Center, shared, “I could not be more proud to have The Glitter Foundation be a part of helping the David Lawrence Center get this children’s art therapy program off to a running start.”

Mary Ann Guerra Director of Acute Care and Emergency Services stated, “The Glitter Foundation greatly impacted the children and adolescents in our care who experience serious mental illness, trauma and challenges in living. This generous funding enabled the children to utilize the creative process involved in artistic self-expression to resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress and achieve insight while also increasing self-esteem and self-awareness.”

David Lawrence Center relies on community collaborations and partnerships such as this to help grow child and adolescent services; expand financial resources and invest in innovative, holistic clinical programming so that more children in need can have access to life-saving, life-changing mental health and substance abuse treatment. For more information about how you can help David Lawrence Center, visit or call 239-304-3505.